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PERM 101

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PERM 101 is a fully indexed and searchable research tool. 


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What you'll find in each section:

All About the Law

What is the Law of Labor Certification?

Statutory Overview

Burden of Proof

What and where is the Office of Foreign Labor Certification?

Regulatory Terms of Art in the PERM Process

Parties to PERM

Employer Qualifications

Attorneys and Agents

Alien Influence and Control

Legal Requirements

Time Lines and Time Periods

Substitution of Alien or Employer

Unlawful Payments to Employers or Attorneys


Ethics in PERM Processing

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Anomalies: Special Handling or Processing


College and University Teachers

Professional Athletes

Schedule A Groups I and II

National Interest Waivers (NIW)

Domestic Household Workers

Educational Degrees as Requirements

Educational Standards

Educational Requirements for PERM

Second & Third Preference Requirements for PERM

Job Offers

Full-Time Employment

Job Duties and Requirements: SVP & O*Net

Basic Business Necessity and Foreign Language Requirements

Special Requirements and Skills

Occupational Licensing

Employment Travel Requirements

Combination of Occupations

Alternative Requirements

Actual Minimum Requirements Must be Genuine

Conditions of Employment

All About Recruitment

Introduction to Recruitment: Brief Overview

Is the Job Non-Professional or Professional?

Notice of Filing and In-house Media

SWA 30-Day Job Orders


Newspaper Advertising Requirements

Recruitment for Non-Professional Jobs

Recruitment for Professional Jobs

Ten Additional Professional Recruitment Steps

Consideration of Job Applicants

Job Applicants

On the Job Training

Recruitment Reports

Retention of Documents

All About Filing

Priority and Filing Dates

Filing Hard Copy of PERM Application by Mail

Instructions for Electronic PERM Filing

Refiling Old RIR Cases to PERM (Archaic but included for historical reasons)


Post Filing Issues

Request for Information


Supervised Recruitment

Approvals: Expiration, Validity, Portability & Duplicates

The Who, What, When, Where of Labor Certification Determinations by Rebecca L. Sigmund

Expiration of PERM Approvals

Validity for specific job offers, aliens, and areas of intended employment

PERM Portability

Duplicate Copies of PERM Approvals

PERM Denials

Determination by Certifying Officer

Freedom of Information Requests

Requests for Reconsideration

Reconsideration or Review


Editors Comments

Frequently Asked Questions

BALCA Decisions

Introduction to BALCA

Editor’s Comments

Creation of BALCA in Federal Register

Appeals/ Requests for Review

How to Request Review at BALCA


How to Contact BALCA

Editor's Comments

Consideration by BALCA by Mitchel L. Wexler & J. Ira Buirkemper

Consideration by BALCA


Editor’s Comments

Standard of Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Board Opens Door to Submit New Evidence on Appeal

BALCA Can Remand

Health American and Beyond

BALCA Has Powers to Remand

Stakeholder Guidance: Only BALCA Can Entertain Motions Based on Harmless Error

BALCA Decisions

“Fight or Flight” Power Point Presentation by Michael Piston

Disciplinary Measures

Revocation of approved labor certifications

Invalidation by DHS or DOS

Civil and Criminal Fraud and Misrepresentation


DOL Organization and Updates

DOL General Guidance on the Internet

Overview of Recent Regulatory Updates

DOL Updates in 2016

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